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This package contains 20 items as follows:
1 x Fireball Grinder 100ml
1 x Black Peppercorn Grinder 100ml
1 x Sea salt whole Grinder 100ml
1 x Pepper Medley Grinder 100ml
1 x Mixed Spices 100ml
1 x Chilli Flakes 100g
1 x Chilli Ground 100g
1 x Cinnamon Ground 100g
1 x Ginger Ground 100g
1 x Turmeric 100g
1 x Garam Masala 100g
1 x Tea Masala Ground 100g
1 x Pilau Masala Ground 100g
1 x Salad Seasoning 50g
1 x Curry Powder 100g
1 x Chicken Masala 100g
1 x Mint Rubbed 20g
1 x Mixed Herbs 20g
1 x Oregano Rubbed 20g
Net Weight: 1685g

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Weight 1685 g


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